California Burger with Avocado Relish

by Kevin H. July 23, 2014
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This is just fun. I felt like doing a completely different burger to add to The Ultimate Burger Guide, so I let my good friend, Jeremy, and my brother-in-law Brian (both have lived in California) inspire me. I did some research and BAM – California Burger was born. I kept the meat simple and only […]

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June Pitmaster Radio Podcasts

by Kevin H. July 14, 2014
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With doing the radio show every week, we end up with a lot of podcasts. We felt like it started to clutter up our weekly emails and home page, so we decided we will start posting the links once per month.  We will, however, be putting them up on this page weekly, so for those […]

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Buffalo Chicken Sausage

by Kevin H. July 9, 2014
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Quite simply this is a homemade buffalo chicken sausage and it is out of this world.  I’m sure not many of you have a sausage maker so I won’t go into too much detail on this one.  If you DO have a sausage maker and are so inclined to try – you’ll be extremely happy […]

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4th of July BBQ Menu

by Kevin July 3, 2014
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Usually on the big summer holidays I put together a montage of recipe ideas and pictures to stir your appetite.  This year I thought I would keep it a bit simpler and just flat out give you what I think would be an excellent menu for your gathering. You don’t have to listen to me […]

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Grilled Strawberry Dessert Sandwich

by Kevin H. July 1, 2014
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    I’ve grilled a lot of stuff.  I’ve tried grilling a lot of desserts.  This is far and away the best dessert I have ever eaten that had anything to do with a grill.  Period. Now, admittedly, it had very little to do with the grill…all I really did was grill the pound cake…my […]

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