A Comprehensive Turkey Guide

by Kevin November 21, 2014
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Is anyone else getting jacked up to cook some Turkey’s this Thanksgiving?? I AM! I’ll be smoking somewhere in the neighborhood of 5-7 turkeys. I can’t wait. They are SO tasty. So juicy. So delicious. Mmmmm….now I’m hungry. I’ve posted several Turkey related recipes in the past, including a basic Smoked Whole Turkey recipe and […]

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Thermoworks for the Holidays – a Giveaway!

by Kevin November 13, 2014
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We have a winner for the giveaway below, but please read through this article on ThermoWorks!  The winner is Lacey who commented: “Love the ThermaPen! Would love to try the ChefAlarm” More people use a food thermometer in November than any other month. Why? Turkey, of course! You want a guaranteed improvement on your turkey […]

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October Podcasts are up!

by Kevin November 5, 2014
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Another month of fun on the radio talking all things BBQ.  We had the ridiculously smart and interesting Suzanne Corbet; the affable Todd John’s from award winning Plowboy’s; the totally creative and cool Ken talking hot sauce from Ken’s Pepper Works; and oh yea, that one guy…that BBQ Legend, the Godfather of Ribs – Johnny […]

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Pumpkin Seeds

by Kevin H. November 4, 2014

                        I know, I know – this isn’t real exciting. But you’re all in the same boat as me – tons of pumpkins, tons of seeds – and nothing to do with them. So why not grill? Super easy recipe, super fast prep and […]

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Smoked Meatballs with Spaghetti

by Patti October 23, 2014
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Kevin and I have agreed to disagree on this dish.  Maybe you should make it and decide who you agree with. We’d really like to know your thoughts! How was the taste? Patti:  Weird.  Not right.  Smoke and red pasta sauce does not go together well.  I couldn’t eat any of it, and I love […]

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