Bacon Wrapped Turkey Tenderloin

by Kevin H. November 22, 2015
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Bacon.   Let’s not over think this, ok?  Turkey Tenderloin is absolutely delicious.  So why try to do too much?  Why not just rely on the fatty tasty deliciousness of bacon for an assist?  Let bacon do the heavy lifting on this one.  Smoke. And that’s really it.  Bacon and Smoke.  Read the recipe for […]

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Turkey Tips

by Kevin November 21, 2015
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Top 5 Turkey tips from Pitmaster David Bouska and myself: 5.  Stuff that bird.  Use whatever you like, but stuff the heck out of it.  Very little flavor gets through the skin, but a TON comes through the cavity.  Apples, celery, onions, lemon, thyme, rosemary….whatever you’re feeling. 4.  Inject like you’re Jose Canseco with steroids.  […]

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Smoked Whole Turkey

by Kevin November 21, 2015
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My father-in-law, the same man who introduced me to smoked chicken 15 years ago, also introduced me to smoked turkey.  But not in quite the same positive way as chicken.  It was actually a nightmarish story that still lives in family lore…and scared me out of trying to smoke one myself until just a couple of […]

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Sweet and Sassy Cole Slaw

by Patti November 15, 2015
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At a recent BBQ competition, we sold Cole Slaw as a side.  Cole Slaw is all about the dressing. Really, it’s just a bunch of bland vegetables that you have to somehow “dress” up.  No one would want to eat this stuff by itself. The fact we can now buy the pre-sliced cabbage/carrot mixture makes me […]

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Product Review – The Super Glove

by Kevin November 3, 2015
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I’ve tried them all. Every. Single. One. My favorite up to this point has been the welding gloves you can buy at a local Home Depot. Those seem to do a pretty darn good job of preventing your hand from melting. Pretty much every other glove I’ve tried has been a disappointment. Then I found […]

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