A great idea and a great compliment

by Kevin August 19, 2014
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“It takes tremendous skill to turn a tough, low grade piece of beef into a delicious meal like you did tonight.” – Bob Haberberger, July 2014 This might be the best compliment my dad has ever paid me. It came on our vacation to the Smokey Mountains in July, where Patti and I cooked the […]

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Smoked Lamb Gyros

by Kevin H. August 14, 2014
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Ever so often you have to read a post from your technology/picture expert on the blog, Karen.   It’s usually whenever I have cooked something that Kevin and Patti haven’t tried so I’m forced into it.  Otherwise, I’m happy to just stay behind the scenes. After enjoying the amazing smoked leg of lamb my brother made, […]

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Pitmasters Radio Podcasts

by Kevin August 12, 2014
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Here you go – the podcasts from the BBQ Pitmasters Radio Network from the month of July. You’re going to have fun listening to these shows.  We have the awesome guys from Grillin Fools on there. We have an all local show from the BBQ Expo discussing sauces, rubs and cookers. There’s a hilarious and […]

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Grilled Brussel Sprouts with Balsamic Glaze

by Kevin H. August 6, 2014
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