Romantic Grilled Banana Split for Two

by Kevin H. February 14, 2017
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Romance can easily wilt away and die when you have a house full of screaming children, dishes piled up like skyscrapers, and fatigue sets in as soon as the sun even thinks about setting.  There’s only so much energy one can muster.  Valentine’s Day in our house generally consists of heart-shaped pizzas, some homemade cards […]

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BBQ Surf & Turf – A Valentine’s Day Special

by Kevin H. February 14, 2017
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I’m sure there are dishes that are tastier than this BBQ Surf & Turf we put together. I just can’t think of a single one right now. If you’re looking for something elegant, delicious, and a bit different to make this Valentine’s Day, well I challenge you to find something better than this. This came […]

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Your Superbowl Grilling Headquarters

by Kevin January 31, 2017
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Look no further – all your Superbowl grilling and BBQ ideas are right here. Whether you’re looking to freshen up an old standard or impress your friends with something new, I’ve got all the recipes you need. Wings. Ah yes, wings. You can’t have a Superbowl party without them. But why not mix it up […]

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Super Bowl Food Ideas!

by Kevin January 30, 2017
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Statistics show that 87% of American’s care more about the food at the Super Bowl party then they care about the actual game. Did I just make that up?  Yes.  Is there any validity to it?  No.  Did I find any statistics to back me up?  Absolutely not. But is anyone out there really going […]

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An Excellent Frozen Food Infographic

by Kevin H. October 11, 2016

How handy is this? I thought I knew what could be frozen and for how long…until I looked at this infographic from Save this one, as I’m sure you’ll refer back to it regularly. It goes right along with the series my wife posted a while back on how to freeze, what foods to freeze […]

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