Great Grilled Veggies Recipes

by Kevin March 13, 2018

I always appreciate when my loyal subscribers reach out to me and want to write a guest post for my site. I just can’t say no to anyone who is passionate about food! Tushar is a voracious reader and food lover who loves to cook and eat scrumptious food dishes. He writes about fitness and […]

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Venison Smoking Tips

by Kevin February 19, 2018

I WISH I was an expert at cooking venison. I’m getting there. I’m getting better. But…well…I don’t hunt. And I think to be a true expert at venison, you must be a hunter. Agree? Well Kendrick Kotter at Furious Grill IS a hunter and an expert with venison, so I’m happy to share his thoughts […]

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Charcoal vs. Gas…continued

by Kevin February 7, 2018

I will always enjoy the Charcoal vs. Gas debate. I’ve written about it before and will write about it again. Hey, I respect both…but I’m charcoal through and through. Have been my entire life. Honestly that’s probably what a lot of us might say, right? “That’s what my dad used” is probably a standard answer […]

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Grilling with a Himalayan Salt Block

by Kevin February 1, 2018

Ok, I WISH I had already tried this. I’ve been meaning to try it for…like….2 years. I’m really not sure what’s been holding me back, but this article by my friends at will force me to try this promptly. Great infographic. Great information. Great website! Thanks John, Patrick and everyone at!   Recommend […]

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Extraordinary Recognition!

by Kevin January 24, 2018

Well this is exciting! Extraordinary BBQ was named one of the top blogs by Grill Trip for becoming a grilling master! WOOT! Thanks to Grill Trip for the awesome recognition and thanks to my awesome loyal readers for your support over the past 6 years! Check it out HERE!   Recommend on Facebook Share on […]

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