Smoked Mahi Mahi

by Kevin H. July 15, 2015
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I invited my parents over for dinner one evening recently, and when I asked what sounded good, they said fish. My local meat store had Mahi Mahi on sale…I’d never smoked Mahi before…so there you have it. I never need an excuse to try something new on my grill. Mahi Mahi is a meaty fish, […]

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Review: Macho Mayo

by Kevin July 8, 2015
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Oh baby. Hold on to your seats for a flavor explosion like you’ve never experienced. I like mayonnaise, but I don’t love it. Give me 17 different kids of mustard, and I’m happy. But I do enjoy the occasional mayo on my sandwich or in a dip. (Don’t talk to me about Miracle Whip – […]

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Your 4th of July BBQ Menu

by Kevin July 2, 2015
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Happy Independence Day! I have to tell you – I’m pretty jacked up for this weekend. There is nothing better than when the 4th of July falls on a weekend, thus creating a 3 day weekend of family, friends, celebratory libations and cooking. I plan on spending some significant time near my grill this weekend, […]

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Grilled Zucchini

by Kevin H. July 1, 2015
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I realized recently that I’ve never actually done a grilled zucchini recipe. That just seems wrong. I grill it ALL the time. It’s delicious. It’s fantastic. It’s easy. Some olive oil, salt & pepper, and some fresh dill. Grill. Done. Doesn’t get any easier than that! And they go with everything. PrintGrilled Zucchini Prep Time: […]

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Bacon Wrapped Smoked Stuffed Chicken Bites

by Kevin H. June 24, 2015
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Bacon. These are so good, it’s criminal. These were almost an afterthought by my wife on an evening we were cooking something else and she had some extra chicken. And bacon. When they were finished, we all took a bite, and it was one of those moments when you all look at each other and […]

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