Smoked Meatballs with Spaghetti

by Patti October 23, 2014
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Kevin and I have agreed to disagree on this dish.  Maybe you should make it and decide who you agree with. We’d really like to know your thoughts! How was the taste? Patti:  Weird.  Not right.  Smoke and red pasta sauce does not go together well.  I couldn’t eat any of it, and I love […]

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Johnny Trigg on The Big BBQ Show

by Kevin H. October 21, 2014
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We were honored to have Johnny Trigg on the show this week.  He is a true legend and had some great stories and tips to share with us! If you are interested in taking a cooking class with him, he has one scheduled February 6 & 7, 2015 in Hammond, LA in which he covers chicken, ribs, […]

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Ellbee’s Butter Grilled Chicken

by Patti October 17, 2014
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As you may or may not know, we love Ellbee’s Seasonings.  Ellbee’s and bbq go together very well. I’ve noticed that I use regular garlic less than I used to, and one of the reasons for this is that I always have Ellbee’s in my refrigerator, as should you! This chicken dish was another fantastic […]

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Smoked Roasted Garlic Pasta

by Patti October 8, 2014
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To add a unique twist your regular pasta – use smoked roasted garlic.  I can’t advertise this wonderful taste enough.  We will buy garlic in bulk, smoke ALL of it on the grill, freeze it and then throw it in anything and everything.  When it defrosts, it gets mushy, which is perfect for a sauce. […]

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September Podcasts – BBQ Radio Show

by Kevin October 5, 2014
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Don’t forget to tune into the big 550 KTRS on Sunday nights at 4pm CST.  You can listen online at We had another fun month of radio from St. Louis!  Check out the podcasts for fun conversation, recipes, tips and more!  Otis Walker from Smoki O’s Mike Johnson with Sugarfire Smoke House and Code […]

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