4th of July BBQ Menu – Slightly Difficult, Fully Delectable

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4th Slightly Difficult

Yesterday I gave you some super easy grilling ideas for your 4th of July party.  Today I’m giving you another menu – this one slightly more difficult and time-consuming, but worth trying.  Stretch yourself a little and you’ll be thrilled with the results.


Cajun Shrimp Recipe

BBQ Cajun Shrimp.  This doesn’t take any time at all to make.  In fact, I made about 50 of them in 10 minutes for a cooking class I recently taught.  I’m labeling it as slightly difficult because you have to make the bbq cajun sauce, cajun seasoning, and most people don’t grill shrimp very often.  But take a look at this…you can buy a ton of shrimp for a fairly reasonable price at most meat markets (or Sam’s), and this is a delicious and unique dish everyone will love.  And it’s healthy!

Side Dish


Grilled Potatoes 2

Grilled Potatoes.  It’s not that this is difficult, but if you’re making mass quantities it will be a bit more time consuming.  I would suggest getting an aluminum pan instead of the foil packets.  You can fit a ton in one of those pans and you will have lots of surface area to create those delicious crispy bottoms.  I’m betting it will take you about 30 minutes to grill a pan’s worth of potatoes, depending on the temp of your grill, but whew, will your guests devour these.

Main Course


Grilled Pork Steak Recipe

Grilled Pork Steaks.  Oh c’mon, bring a little St. Louis tradition to the party.  These are SO good and So worth the time.  The best part is you can make in advance and throw in a pan or crock pot and they will just simmer in there and get more tender with every passing minute.  Great fresh off the grill, great hours later after soaking in sauce.  Either way is a win.

The great thing about this side and main dish is they can both be made in advance, ready and waiting for your hungry guests.  After you’re done cooking them, throw the shrimp on and serve that fresh as your guests arrive.  Then you can shut down your grill and relax while still serving a delicious grilled menu.

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