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Today I am featuring a guest post on our site, written by Sara Upton.   In addition to being a grilling and cooking fanatic, she loves writing about her latest cooking experiences. She’s also mildly obsessed with the show ‘Chopped’ and hopes to make an appearance one day as an amateur chef.

I think this is a fun, informative piece. Enjoy!

People are always inventing new accessories for barbecue. It may be a sleek new spatula or meat thermometer; a set of tools for mixing the perfect cocktails; or the wide range of table ornaments and outdoor eating equipment. But for the most part, these items are meant as gimmicks and gifts because people who care about their barbecue tend to have the necessities in hand already!

But in this post we’re going to look at a few innovative tools for barbecue enthusiasts that go beyond the typical range of accessories and bits of equipment: apps! You’ve heard the saying, and nothing could be truer: There’s an app for everything. That phrase now extends to the world of barbecue, and some of the available programs can actually be of great assistance in enhancing both your menu and the atmosphere. Here’s a look at five handy barbecue-related apps we’d recommend.

Weber’s On The Grill

Recommended by The Pit Boss BBQ Belt as one of the best apps for BBQ lovers, this more or less functions as the definitive BBQ-specific recipe app. It does carry a cost of $4.99, and you can find alternatives for free. However, the 280 recipes included do make it a tempting tool for frequent BBQers. The hidden treat is the app’s inclusion of an additional 40 recipes specifically for rubs and marinades, which can help to give your meat a unique or memorable quality.

Omaha Steaks Steak Time

Another app recommended in the Pit Boss article and created by well-known brand Omaha Steaks, this is a pretty cool app specifically for cooking red meat. It has its own fairly broad selection of recipes, complete with tips and tricks for cooking steaks, but the real defining feature is the app’s ability to time multiple cooks of meat at once. Basically, you can create a lineup of your cuts and sizes of meat, and the app lets you know when to flip and take off each steak individually, based on that individual piece of meat. It’s certainly not fool-proof—you still need to know how to grill—but it’s free, fun, and helpful.

Mixology Drink & Cocktail Recipes

Any BBQ can be enhanced with the right drinks on hand. Although the popular option may just be to fill up a cooler with a few different beers, brushing up on your cocktail game can’t hurt. Recommended in a Verizon Wireless post on great BBQ apps, Mixology has nothing to do with your actual grilling. Instead, it provides you with a virtually limitless (and free) arsenal of cocktail knowledge. The recipes are great, but the best part of this app is that it can customize a cocktail menu based on the ingredients you have. You can enter everything you have on hand and the app will spit out the different drink recipes you can work with, which simplifies things for a lot of us.

Foodie Recipes

We’ve already covered some BBQ recipe-related apps, but Foodie Recipes provides you with culinary ideas from a different angle—namely, a social one. Once upon a time an app called Punchfork was perhaps the most promising social sharing recipe app, but it was acquired by Pinterest, and now the Foodie Recipes app may be the best on the market. Basically, instead of providing cookbook-style recipes, it pulls ideas and explanations from your favorite chefs, food bloggers, and the app’s own staff members. This means that the app’s offerings stay fresh, interesting, and seasonal—and you can certainly find some great ideas for your next BBQ in the mix.

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