Black Friday…BBQ Gift Ideas

by Kevin on November 23, 2012 · 1 comment

The Holiday shopping season officially kicks off today!  Have fun out there all you crazy stay up all night trample over each other for that one perfect gift people.  I’m at home, hanging with my kids, hanging decorations and watching Christmas movies.

For those of you that prefer to do some of your shopping online – let me help!  Here are a few great items for the BBQ lover you have to shop for:

  • ThermoWorks Thermapen.  I’m telling you, it’s THE BEST thermometer available.  Period.  Anyone that does any cooking and wants to nail the perfect internal temp needs one.  It’s time.  Get one.
  • ThermoWorks Probe Thermometer.  This would be a close second on importance.  I used mine yesterday to nail 165 on our family turkey.  It was perfect.  How else do you monitor your meat while doing other things?
  • St. Louis BBQ Store.  I think it’s high time you buy a smoker.  You’ve been thinking about it.  And you’re dying to smoke delicious meats during the winter months.  Take that end of year bonus or money you’ve been saving for a rainy day and buy a smoker from the St. Louis BBQ Store.  They’ll have a smoker that meets your needs-and budget.  Tell Ron I sent you his way for a special discount.
  • BBQ Tools!  Upgrade time!  Get a new pair of tongs that won’t cut into your meat.  A vegetable tray for healthy grilling.  A giant spatula for those BBQ Pizza’s you’re dying to try – and a pizza stone, of course.  Take a look at our favorite tool in our Amazon store.
  • Your Weber looking a bit worn?  Why not get a new grate?  Or some coal bins for easy smoking.  Makes your old reliable Weber feel new.
  • Sticking with your gas grill?  That’s fine, but at least buy a smoke box.  They work.  They add a new flavor profile.  They’re fun and easy to use.

Were you thinking of something else I didn’t list?  Want my thoughts?  Leave a comment or shoot me a message.  I’ll be happy to help with any BBQ or grilling equipment gift ideas that you are considering.  I’ve used almost all of it, so I’m happy to share my hands on experience with you.

Happy shopping everyone – let the Holiday Season begin!

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Steve November 29, 2012 at 7:13 am

The Thermapens from ThermoWorks are awesome, and I highly recommend it. I am planning to give one or more for gifts this year!


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