Enjoying BBQ Year Round

by Kevin on October 30, 2012 · 0 comments

When you BBQ as often as I do, practicing for competitions, cooking for the blog, and having a family of six…you tend to have lots of leftovers.  I also have gotten into the habit of always putting extra meat on the grill/smoker so Patti can prepare her tasty leftover recipes.

So, now is the time to maximize your outdoor cooking opportunities before it gets too cold.  And when I say maximize, I mean cooking obscene amounts of meat and freezing them for future use in winter.  Yes, it is possible to have delicious BBQ in the ice-cold winter months – without going outside!

In the next 3 days my wife, Patti, will be sharing her secrets on how to safely and efficiently keep your BBQ fresh and delicious for months.  She is an expert…because she has to be.  So, you might as well tap into her expertise and enjoy your winter meals as much as your summer ones!

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