Happy National Kitchen Klutz of America Day!

by Patti on June 13, 2013 · 0 comments

4 scars.

Hand hair – gone.

2 total fingernails.

Numerous cuts, burns and nicks.

That’s right.  Those are my battle wounds from the kitchen.  It’s gotten so bad that my youngest son routinely asks me when he sees me chopping vegetables, “Are you being careful, Mommy?  That’s a sharp knife, and I don’t want you to get hurt.”

Yes, Kevin cooks over an open fire on a regular basis, but sadly, I think he’s less likely to injure himself than I.  Maybe it’s because he doesn’t bbq as much as I cook (We all know that’s probably untrue).  Maybe it’s because he wears really long bbq gloves (Wait a tick, I have those too – they’re called oven mitts).

So, instead of lamenting in my injuries and battle wounds, I celebrate National Kitchen Klutz of America Day  I think I may celebrate by letting Kevin grill every dish we eat tonight – who’s celebrating with me, and how?  I want to hear your sob stories.

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