It’s BBQ Season! Is your grill ready?

by Kevin on May 27, 2014 · 0 comments

GrillGrillGrillSpring is in the air!  And when I say spring, I mean smoke.  And when I say smoke, I mean BBQ.

Yep, it’s time to take the covers off your grills and smokers and start cooking outside again if you haven’t already!  For some of us, we cook year round no matter the weather.  For others, you probably shut down your cookers until warmer weather arrives.  If that’s you, read on for a couple quick tips on getting your grills prepped and ready.

1.  If you only do one thing, burn out your grill.  Open it all up, give it a good coating of vegetable oil (or at least Pam spray), and get it as hot as you can.  Burn it out.  This will burn off old food and residue remaining from months ago.  It’s good to do a couple times a year anyway.  If you’re a charcoal user, throw some dry wood on there as well to help season your grill.

2.  Same thing with smokers.  If it’s been awhile, burn those suckers out.  Wipe them down and crank up the heat.  And definitely add wood.

3.  Scrape and scrape and scrape your grates, lids, burners, everything.  Buy a puddy knife for $2 at a hardware store if needed.  Get a new grill brush at least once per year for strong bristles that get the job done.  After you scrape, don’t just let all that gunk sit in there – clean it out!  Warm soapy water will do.

4.  Gas grill users – pay attention to your burners.  Scrape, wipe and clean.  Test to make sure all lines are open.  Fill up your propane tank.

5.  Clean the outside too!  Wipe those suckers down!  I use 409.  That destroys grease.  But warm soapy water works as well.

Now sit down and have a cold one.  While you’re sitting, look up some recipes on this site and challenge yourself to try some new things this spring and summer.  Have fun out there.  You might love grilling and BBQ more than you know – just give it a chance and try some fun new foods!

Goodbye for awhile, winter.  I will not miss you.

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