Labor Day BBQ Thoughts

by Kevin on August 31, 2012 · 0 comments

With Isaac whipping through the nation, many of you – I’m sure – are hesitant to make BBQ plans this weekend.  I get that.  We’re expecting several inches of rain this weekend in St. Louis.  But, do you REALLY think that I’m going to let the end of summer BBQ season, 3-day weekend go by without lighting my grill or smoker?

I think not.

If you don’t already have one, this is an excellent time to purchase a piece of essential BBQ Gear:  The 10 by 10 Canopy.  Easy and quick to put up, and it ensures you don’t have to cancel BBQ plans because of Mother Nature.

Another piece of gear you may want to consider as we enter the fall season is a grill light
of some kind.  This comes in extremely handy in the evenings when the sun is already going down but you’re not finished grilling.  I also use mine for overnight cooking when smoking pork butts or brisket.  My kids bought me one for father’s day – they’re awesome.

Lastly, if you haven’t yet, you really need to consider a Thermapen.  Several of my friends have purchased them since I first mentioned on my site and they are THRILLED with their purchase.  They’re having a Labor Day Sale, so you need to get over the sticker shock already and just bite the bullet.  These suckers last forever.  It will outlast three cheaper thermometers.  Buy one HERE.

So, if you haven’t already decided what you’re cooking to send off summer, I have a couple extraordinary ideas…….

Labor Day Recipes AppetizersSurely you’re hosting a party at least one day this weekend, so let’s impress your guests!  When’s the last time you did shrimp?  Well, it’s time.  Make a batch of Cajun Seasoning, and impress them with a delicious grilled appetizer of BBQ Cajun Shrimp.  While you’re at it, might as well throw together some Memphis Sausage & Cheese.  It’s been too long.  Wait, you feel like smoking an appetizer?  Good call.  I think our Sausage Roll should do the trick.  No one can resist its deliciousness.



Labor Day Recipes Smoked



While you have your smoker lit, you might as well throw in some bone-in chicken breasts, pork steaks (you know you’ve been dying to try), chicken thighs or sausage…they’re easy, tasty – and have endless leftover possibilities for that first lonely week of September.



How about THE Bacon Cheeseburger?  I’ve been craving that all week, I know you have too, so what are you waiting for?  And throw on some pineapple for a tasty app, side – or topping!  Oh, the store was out of buns?  Well, then just make a Bacon Cheeseburger Pizza.  Close enough and will satisfy your cravings.  🙂

Labor Day Recipes

Bottom line:  Have fun.  Challenge yourself to try something just a little different.  It’s fun – and always cool impressing your guests.  And when their mouths explode with flavor, do me a favor and tell them you got a little bit of help from a championship pitmaster on a little site called Extraordinary BBQ.  Encourage them to sign up for the newsletter and like us on facebook as we continue to build this into a premier BBQ Reference Site.

Thank you and have a great weekend!


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