Make your own BBQ Sauce

by Kevin on January 13, 2013 · 0 comments

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In preparing for an upcoming competition, yesterday I made a quad batch of my homemade BBQ Sauce.  It’s been several months since I made a batch, and I think I had almost forgotten how much I enjoy doing it.  The entire process…from the moment I dump the ketchup into an empty pot, through adding the dozens of ingredients, tweaking, whisking – and finally tasting.  Both Patti and I smiled as we tried a spoonful of the finished product.

Absolutely delicious.

We quickly sliced some leftover smoked ham, put it in a pan and fried it up with some freshly made sauce.  Ahhh, a BBQ Ham sandwich, with melted cheddar cheese.  Now THAT’S a good lunch.

There are a LOT of BBQ Sauces available to purchase.  I’ve tried many.  I’m here to tell you I’ll take my homemade sauce over any store-bought sauce.  Any day.  So if it’s been awhile, or you still haven’t tried – it’s time.  Have an hour free today while watching football?  Get out a pot and a whisk and go to town.

I’ve changed a couple of ingredients since I originally posted this recipe, so make sure to double-check if it’s been awhile.  And, as I always say – make it your own!  Sugar it up with extra molasses and sugar – or add some honey!  Spice it up by doubling the cayenne.  And some tang with more dry mustard, or substitute red/white wine vinegar instead of apple cider.

Enjoy.  Have fun.  Be happy.

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