Mother’s Day, with a side of Shrimp

by Kevin on May 8, 2015 · 0 comments

Mothers Day

I’m a pretty lucky guy. I’ve been surrounded by incredible moms my entire life.


My grandma Haberberger was a sweet, happy, food loving lady…and she happened to be mom to NINE kids. Nine. Nine kids. That immediately puts her in the top-tier of awesome moms in history.



My other grandma is still kicking at age 97. Sadly, her mind isn’t what it used to be, but I have decades of wonderful memories with her. She’s a woman who went to a University DURING the Depression, graduated, and worked or volunteered full-time until she was over 80 years old. She rocks.



Then you have my mother in law, who, in my opinion, should be the first living woman canonized a saint while she is living. She is tremendous. An excellent cook, a kind heart, and a grandma that makes an effort every day for her kids and grandkids. She never loses focus on what’s most important in life: Family – and she lives it with every breath she takes.



Then there’s my mom. My opinion might be slightly biased here, but she’s on the top 5 list for most remarkably amazingly incredible mom’s in history. She hasn’t had an easy life – but she’s never without a smile and a hug for you. She gives without ever taking and would do anything, give anything, sacrifice everything for the happiness of her kids and grandkids. Her generosity in every aspect humbles me on a daily basis.


Mickey with Kevin & Karen


I have to give a shout out to my little sister, Karen, who helps me run this site. Mother to three, she is a magnificent mom. Her husband travels quite a bit, and she never misses a beat, never breaks a sweat. I have enjoyed watching her grow up as a person, as a mom, and as my friend.


1004814_10202802350690639_1924526348_nLastly, the other mom in my life – my wife, Patti. Mother to our four kids (it’s not nine, but you gotta tip your cap to four), she manages our household more efficiently than any fortune 500 company. From preparing every single meal not involving charcoal, to athletic practices and games, to homework, to cleaning, to…well…to everything else it takes to run a household of 6 – she does it all.


Take a moment today to jot down a note and give it to a mom in your life this weekend. Don’t let an opportunity to show your appreciate and love for a wonderful human being pass you by.

And of course, I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention that Mother’s Day also happens to be National Shrimp Day – which just so happens to be my mom’s favorite food! Score. So I’ll be making her one of my all-time favorite grilled treats: Creamy Bourbon Shrimp. It’s slightly offensive how good this dish is.

But if that’s not your thing, try the BBQ Cajun Shrimp or Shrimp Pineapple Kabobs – both equally delicious.

Happy Mother’s Day weekend to all the mom’s out there!

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