National Brisket Day!

by Patti on May 28, 2013 · 0 comments

Pastrami 5


I mean, do we actually NEED a reason to celebrate brisket?  I guess it makes me add it to my calendar, so ok!  I’ll do it!  Play along with me – woohoo!  It’s National Brisket Day!

Oh, brisket, how I love you!  Let me count the ways!  I love your smoked brisket flavor, your pastrami rub, brine and sandwich.  And if you should happen to have some leftovers, there’s no reason not to try a Smoked Brisket stroganoff.

So do it.  Celebrate National Brisket Day.  Do it for you. For your family.  For your country.  For the love of smoked brisket.



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