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Guest Post! I know, I know, blasphemy! An article on a BBQ blog about NOT using a Grill?! Give it a chance. There are some GREAT ideas and tips in here. And with winter months approaching, it’s a good time to look at some inside cooking ideas. Plus – STEAK! Because, steak.

Enjoy the read from Sarah Jones!


Off the Grill: How to Cook Steak Using Various Kitchen Tools

Cooking the perfect steak should not have to be a difficult process. In fact, with quality beef coupled with basic cooking skills, you should be able to serve a good meal. Having quality tools in your kitchen would make life a lot easier for you though. With that being said, the following kitchen tools can help you perfect your steak.

Meat thermometer to prevent under and overcooking

Having a meat thermometer may sound a little fancy for some, but I really believe that it’s a necessity in any kitchen. It ensures that you avoid undercooked or overcooked meat. Needless to say, perfecting that medium-rare steak can be a lot easier for you when there is a well-calibrated, digital meat thermometer around.

Dutch oven to ensure even heating

A Dutch oven in your own kitchen is a must because of its versatility. You can roast, braise, and make a stew with it. Its most important feature, however, is its heavy nature that ensures it conducts heat evenly resulting in the best flavor possible for any cooked meat.

Cast-iron skillet for searing steaks and just about anything

If you can only have one kitchen tool, I highly recommend keeping a cast-iron skillet. Like a Dutch oven, a cast-iron pan is good for anything including pan-seared steaks. I have read quite a number of good reviews about it saying it is long-lasting, non-stick, and a good heat conductor. A ceramic cookware makes for a good pan-seared steak as well.

Plastic brining bags for marinating meat

Marinating adds rich flavor to meat but, sometimes, it is a necessary pre-cooking technique especially to game meat. The easiest way to marinate your steak is to place it inside a brining bag with marinade, brine, or rub, and let it sit overnight.

Thin boning knife to make thin and precise cuts

The thin, sharp, and flexible blade of a boning knife allows you to cut the meat away from bones and joints. Its thinness, as well as its flexibility, allows you to work in the crevices and contours thereby helping you make thin and precise cuts.

Meat mallet to tenderize your meat

Any steak lover or even a regular consumer prefers their steak to be juicy and tender. While you can get creative with any tool you can find in the kitchen, a meat mallet or meat pounder can make it simpler for you. Tenderizing the meat before cooking softens its fibers making your steak easier to chew and digest.

Spice grinder to add rich flavor to your meat

While you can easily purchase pre-ground spices at the market, you can get the most out of them when they are fresh. Naturally, you will need a grinder when you opt to buy it whole. Adding fresh spices to your rub and marinade maximizes the flavor of meat, giving it a rich and vibrant taste. In fact, if you want to get creative, you can use coffee as a steak rub as well.

Twines and toothpicks are nice to have in the kitchen, too

You probably already have twines and toothpicks at home. You just never knew you could use them to prepare food. You can use it for various purposes such as for trussing, tying, and hanging. For securing smaller portions of meat, you can use toothpicks instead of a twine.

Kitchen tools that are useful for cooking steak

These are just a few of my favorite kitchen tools that make life a lot easier when cooking steak or any meat. What are yours?

Sarah writes for Simmer and Zest because she believes that food should be lovingly prepared, but should also be carefully sourced. Learn more about cooking, food, and flavors on her blog.

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