Review: Macho Mayo

by Kevin on July 8, 2015 · 0 comments


Oh baby. Hold on to your seats for a flavor explosion like you’ve never experienced.

I like mayonnaise, but I don’t love it. Give me 17 different kids of mustard, and I’m happy. But I do enjoy the occasional mayo on my sandwich or in a dip. (Don’t talk to me about Miracle Whip – that’s just a travesty.)

Macho_Mayo_09The thing is, mayonnaise is…boring. It’s just…mayonnaise. Sorry if you’re a die hard mayo lover, I’m just not one of those guys. I like variety, spice, texture, uniqueness – hence my mustard obsession.


But then, Mike sent me 2 jars of his Macho Mayo. NOW we’re talkin’! Zesty Roasted Green Chili and Roasted Jalapeno. Now, let’s be clear right out of the gates: This is NOT for the faint of heart. Holy mother of heat, this has some kick. But you know what? Mayonnaise has been BEGGING for this for decades! It’s been sitting there on the shelf, staring at you, pleading for some tasty help. You just haven’t been listening.

Thank goodness the guys at Macho Mayo listened and finally gave mayo the attention it so sorely needed.

Now, I have to give an honest review: Macho Mayo had a bit too much heat for my wife. She enjoys a little zestyness…but this has a LOT of zestyness. For her, she would probably need to mix Macho Mayo 50/50 with regular mayo, and that would be perfect for her…and there’s nothing wrong with that.

Now ME, on the other hand, I’ve been trying it on everything. Salami? Yep. Turkey and cheese? Duh. Grilled Corn? Heck to the yea! SO good! And if you don’t try it on Pork Tenderloin, then there’s something wrong with you.Macho_burger

I prefer the Roasted Green Chili – it’s absolutely perfect for me. I slather it on everything in site. The Roasted Jalapeno, in my opinion, makes a good dipping sauce…pretzels, chips…whatever it takes.

Another great thing about this stuff? Reasonably priced. Check it out online and buy a jar. If you live in Kansas, chances are you can find it in a store as well. Regardless of how you get your hands on it, it’s worth a try.

Get ready. The world of mayonnaise is changing. Get on the train and enjoy the ride!

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