Thanksgiving Recipe Ideas

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Thanksgiving CollageI’m actually quite surprised how many recipes we’ve done that could be considered for Thanksgiving.  I thought maybe two or three…yea…more like a dozen.  Sure, not many are conventional preparations…but I like mixing up the standards.  So, for all of you looking for more reasons to cook outside on Thursday, you’re going to love some of these ideas.

Appetizers…well…do you really NEED an appetizer on Thanksgiving?  Maybe.  You might have the tradition of a later dinner and are craving some snacks while you watch football or A Christmas Story over and over again on TBS.  If you fit that profile, then try some Roasted Red Pepper Cheese Dip while you lounge on the couch.  You’re a nut guy?  I get that.  Try these Bacon Wrapped Dates, oozing with blue cheese.  Oh, your mom wants something a little more…elegant?  I’d say these Stuffed Smoked Mushrooms fit the bill.  Of course, when in doubt, make them all.

How about a tasty twist on salad for the green representation of your meal?  Grilled Apple Walnut Salad is exactly what you need.  It’s green, grilled, has nuts and is oh so tasty.

Side Dishes…that depends on your traditions and how you want to mix it up.  Basil Butter Grilled Corn on the Cob might be the perfect answer for you.  Have a toothless kiddo that can’t eat off the cob?  Make some Grilled Cinnamon Apples Slices drizzled with Honey or Grilled Applesauce.  The kids will be thrilled this is the only healthy thing they’re required to eat.  If you’re like my wonderful 95 year old Grandma Ruth, then you love Sweet Potatoes.  Well if you want to impress your grandma, try Grilled Sweet Potato and Green Onion Salad a try.  Too different for a child of the depression?  Ok, a more traditional approach might be Grilled Sweet Potatoes with Brown Sugar Butter Glaze.  Y U M.

I know some people make stuffing using corn bread.  I don’t…but in case you’re craving corn bread and your stuffing doesn’t include it, try some Grilled Corn Bread in a cast iron skillet.  I personally think that’s the only way to make it.  Speaking of stuffing, you’d be crazy not to try Smoked Sausage Stuffing.  Smoke the sausage, maybe the onion too…and throw your taste buds a party.

As far as your turkey goes, you can find my Smoked Whole Turkey recipe here as well as some Turkey Tips to help make this your best turkey ever.  Don’t forget to Brine your Bird.  If you’re using your grill for some of the above treats and don’t have room for a whole bird, try a Smoked Turkey Breast or Bacon Wrapped Turkey Mignons.  They don’t take nearly the room or the time of a whole bird.
I hope one or more of these Thanksgiving ideas makes it to your dinner table this year.  Whatever you do, make sure you enjoy time with family, give thanks for all blessings and have FUN preparing the best meal of the year!

Happy Thanksgiving Everybody.

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