The Magic & Convenience of Ziplist!

by Kevin H. on March 27, 2012 · 0 comments

You may have noticed a change in our site recently with the addition of a formatted recipe at the bottom of the post.  We have partnered with Ziplist to give you easy access for saving your favorite recipes on our site and others!

Ziplist is a pretty awesome tool.  It’s easy to sign up for your own FREE account. Here are some of my favorite features:

  • Save your favorite recipes in one centralized place. By clicking the “Save Recipe” button on our recipes, it will send it directly to your recipe box.  You can see a couple of our recipes below….if you want to go back to the article I wrote on a particular recipe to get specific instructions, there is a link back to it.

  • Easily create categorized shopping lists from those saved recipes.  With a click of a button, you can add all the ingredients from an extraordinary recipe to your shopping list.  Ziplist will even take a guess at which ingredients you may already have, like salt and pepper.   If you have some of the items at home already, just uncheck the box!

  • When you add the items you need to your list, it categorizes it into groups, i.e. Dairy, Baking, Meat, etc, making your shopping experience more organized!

  • My favorite part – There are smart phone apps you can get to sync to your phones!   This allows you to always have your shopping list with you at all times.  OR, build your list and tell your spouse to stop by the store on their way home from work.  It’s easy when you both have the app on your phone!

These are just the features I like the best.  There is so much more to tap into with Ziplist and you can read about it here:

We hope you enjoy using this new tool!

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