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by Kevin H. on November 5, 2013 · 0 comments

BuddySaleAccording to a study conducted by the USDA, roughly 25% of American households own a cooking thermometer, and of those, 15% report that they use it regularly. In the coming months, more people will reach for a food thermometer than have all year long. Why? Thanksgiving turkey, and Christmas ham – not to mention family gifts!
One of the themes throughout this site is understanding how time and temperature effect everything you do in the kitchen. With the right tools, you can make this the best holiday season of eating you’ve ever had. And let’s be honest – it’s all about the food.
As I’ve pointed out throughout this site, Thermoworks has, I believe, the best products available.  Period.
Check out these links, bite the bullet, and make one of the smartest food related purchase of your cooking life.


The best instant read thermometer out there!  Right now they are offering a buddy sale.  If you buy two, you will get each one for $85.   It’s a great idea for Christmas presents whether you use it on meat cooking on your grill or in your oven.

And Some Of Their New and Exciting Products


BlueTherm Duo

  • The BlueTherm Duo is first and foremost a professional temperature instrument designed for use in industrial, scientific and food processing applications.
  • The device works on iPhone, iPad, iPod and Android (Android App is currently the “Lite” version. Pro will be available in Qtr. 4)
  • The BlueTherm Duo reads two commercial thermocouples for better accuracy, wider range and longer probe survival than consumer-grade devices.
  • Any Type K thermocouple probe will work with the BlueTherm Duo.
  • The BlueTherm Duo has an IP66/67 waterproof rating, which makes it splash-proof, not submersible.
  • The screen is backlit.
  • It charges via a USB cable and will hold a charge for 36 hours.
  • It is available with an optional silicone boot, and flexible tri-pod.

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